ABout aeves

AEVES is a family-owned conglomerate. Founded in 2021, we manage successful businesses with long-term partnerships with some of the world’s leading electric vehicle brand including Voltia among others. We think globally and act locally. AEVES tracks the biggest trends driving the global economy and invests in opportunities that
generate long-term growth. Our core business focus covers “Electric Logistic Vans & Electric Refrigerated Vans”

Our customer-centric approach, international standards and value-adding business philosophy enables us to be the best electric vehicle company of choice across all territories in which we operate. AEVES is a leader with interests and operations that support a multitude of critical needs of modern society and commerce. Our goal is to help clients accelerate their growth potential, align their people to a brand-centric strategy and build competencies that empower our clients to create value for electric vehicles. “Achieving success is a temporary challenge, keeping it is the real challenge.”

We are here to help you get one step closer to your future. At AEVES, we recognize that our people are our most important asset; we achieve our business goals together as a team. Elevating our people to a higher level requires considerable investment and we take this seriously along with helping them to utilize  opportunities that surround us
as we work together towards a bright future at AEVES. Enriching lives is at the core of AEVES mission, helping create enhanced experiences that enable people to reach their full potential. We are committed to enhancing the quality of life of our people, customers and partners.


“AEVES will not stop until every vehicle on the road is electric cause in order to have clean air in cities, you have to go electric”