Switch to electric now!

The Courier’s Dream

The XL Voltia Vans are perfectly adapted to urban delivery fleet. Electromobility, simplified, it’s the best tool for last-mile delivery segment with unprecedented cargo space and the lowest cost per m3 among eLCV’s. The electromobility company behind a family of products that makes electrifying your fleets simpler, easier, cheaper and better.

Our Electric Future is now

AEVES is a family-owned conglomerate. Founded in 2021, we manage successful businesses with long-term partnerships with some of the world’s leading electric vehicle brands including Silence, Voltia and Elonroad among others. We think globally and act locally. AEVES tracks the biggest trends driving the global economy and invests in opportunities that generate long-term growth. Our core business focus covers “Electric Scooters, Electric Nano Cars, Electric Logistic Vans, Electric Refrigerated Vans, and Electric Road System Solutions”.

“AEVES will not stop until every vehicle on the road is electric because in order to have clean, pollution-free air, you have to go electric.”

Our solution by industries

Our global portfolio consists of companies across the following industries: Postal & Courier Services, Food & Beverages & Restaurants, Road Transport & Logistics, Housing Societies & Construction, Hotels & Resorts, Police & Private Security & Rescue Operators, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Laboratories & Ambulances, Schools & Colleges & Universities, Tourism & Hospitality, Textile & Fertilizer, Chemical & Steel, Cement & Sugar, Oil & Gas & Energy & Petroleum, Airports & Army & Air force.

Postal & Courier Services

Police & Private Security & Rescue Operators

Textile & Fertilizer

Food & Beverages & Restaurants

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Chemical & Steel

Road Transport & Logistics

Laboratories & Ambulances

Cement & Sugar

Housing Societies & Construction

Schools & Colleges & Universities

Oil & Gas & Energy & Petroleum

Hotels & Resorts

Tourism & Hospitality

Airports & Army & Air force

Explore our brands

We have a number of unique, individual and stand-alone brands offering multiple and exciting career paths. Drive your career, explore opportunities and realize your passion!  Our brands are on a mission to create a better and cleaner planet. Our core aim is to enable businesses to embrace innovative methods and manage the risk within their electronic communications. We have extensive experience in partnering with a wide range of industries to help overcome their most pressing compliance challenges in society.