A new era of Electric Vehicles is here, and AEVES is leading the way. As an important contributor to the sustainable and greener energy solutions of today and tomorrow, we embrace the opportunities that the transformation of our industry offers. In our culture—the foundation of everything we do—we reinvent ourselves, lead through our entrepreneurial spirit, and fully live up to our social responsibility.


Voltia and Elon Road work together in one common direction—supporting the global energy transformation and enabling sustainable energy into the future.


With a wide range of applications, AEVES ensures our customers’ success—wherever they are—we deliver high-value Voltia and Elon Road products and services.


AEVES Electric Vehicles provide reliable power under the most demanding circumstances. And we continue to develop technologies that deliver greater flexibility and uptime while making our “Electric Logistic Vans, Electric Refrigerated Vans and Electric Road System Solutions more efficient and last longer.


Our company strategy reflects our legacy and our continuing commitment to meet the needs of our customers and the communities in which we live and work. United by our Values, AEVES share a focused view of our business through the Operating & Execution Model, through which we are making strategic choices today to create profitable growth for tomorrow. Together, with our partners, we are providing the solutions that help our customers build a better world.


Our products and services have helped improve the lives of people around the world. Our customers use our Electric products to build the basic infrastructure that enables higher standards of living so that people have access to water, electricity, roads, bridges, hospitals, schools and so much more.


Cutting-edge innovation and technological leadership in product development


Our digital solutions unlock the full potential of our “, Electric Logistic Vans, Electric Refrigerated Vans and Electric Road System Solutions”.


360 degrees of customized support, for optimal value at every stage of life.

Our heritage is in the Electric Solutions, with our Voltia & Elon Road brands, our future is too.

A transformation is taking place in the Electric Vehicles sector, and AEVES is at its center.

Today´s Electric Vehicles customers demand affordable, reliable and sustainable solutions for day to day operations. AEVES is here to provide exactly that, today and for the future. With a strong portfolio, featuring the Voltia and Elon Road, we will continue to provide Electric solutions around the world.

AEVES stands for innovation, inspiration, ignition and much more. With AEVES, we call upon our rich legacy in the Electric space and combine it with pioneering technology to bring our customers affordable, reliable and sustainable solutions for the future.

Together at AEVES, we are at the starting line, ready to embrace our new common purpose and deliver results like never before.