Vision & mission

Our Mission

AEVES mission is to make it safe and easy for people and things to get where they’re going. From moving people to moving goods, we’re taking autonomous driving to new places. Our mission is big and our work has the potential to transform lives.

Become an employer of choice by attracting, retaining and developing talent. Nurture life-long relationships by customizing our offerings and personalizing our interaction.

To continue investing in state of the art facilities in order to re-define service excellence

To become the leader in tailor-made mobility solutions to customers through world class omni-channel experiences

To create continuous value for our customers and consumers, inspiring confidence and respect through the highest levels of product quality and service.

To provide employees a work environment that’s enabling and inclusive and where innovation and entrepreneurship are a way of life and where people work in an ethical and safe business, based on the principals merit and equal opportunity.To be a responsible corporate citizen, complying with all aspects of Corporate Governance and the full spectrum of Corporate Social Responsibility

With excellence as the cornerstone of everything we engage in; be it our customer service, partnerships, our relationships with our principals, vendors, employees, and other stakeholders, we strive to attain market leadership in every sphere of our business and thereby creating sustainable value for all.


Our Vision

To further our leadership by re-defining excellence in vehicle ownership.To provide an outstanding and genuine experience for every customer across the automotive value chain.

We seek to scale the pinnacles of excellence in all we do, with the objective to be amongst the Top Electric Vehicle Company.

AEVES provides quality products and services that enrich people’s lives and aspirations each and every day.

At AEVES, Respect, Excellence, Collaboration and Integrity are the values we live by, that help us action our Purpose and Vision. It is how we work and interact with others.

We’re deeply committed to making a difference. At AEVES, we believe in conducting our business responsibly, to ensure the wellbeing of our communities and the society we operate in.

We will be fair, honest, transparent, and work with integrity in all aspects of our business. We believe that trust is at the heart of our companies’ long-term success.


AEVES – The Electric Vehicle Solution company