Founder & Directors Statement

Electric Vehicles have come a long way. They were once no more than metallic carriages. Today, they are the most iconic symbols of modern society. Yet, the enthusiasm of owning a new car remains undiminished.

With personalized services, exclusively designed for each customer, AEVES makes your Electric Vehicle-owning thrill, an experience of a lifetime.

We are the exclusive distributors for Voltia in various Countries. 

All our activities are based on our corporate philosophy, built on our Vision and Core Values, ensuring a common thread of understanding of all that AEVES stands for, in every sphere in which we operate.

We are constantly seeking new opportunities to partner with people that are themselves looking to expand into new markets. Increasingly these companies appreciate the advantages of partnering with AEVES.

So, sit back, relax and cruise the world of AEVES Electric Vehicles.

Naeem Farooq

Founder / Managing Director

Fawad Farooq

Founder / Chief Executive Officer