Lower Maintenance, Smarter Choice

It’s not only a smart choice for your lifestyle; it is also a smart choice for your wallet. With a striking, aerodynamic road presence and a spacious, comfortable interior, it will transform how you think about electric cars. Best of all? Recharged for 2022 and more electrifying than ever.

Maintaining and servicing electric vehicles is different from fuel cars. It’s also simpler and more cost effective

There are three main areas that make EV maintenance simpler and cheaper than traditional cars. EVs have fewer parts and use different breaking method meaning there’s less that actually need to be looked at. Servicing also tends to cost less due to the nature of their technology.

Cheaper to run

The cost of the electricity required to charge an EV is around 40% less than the cost to use petrol for a similar sized vehicle driving the same distance. The cost will be lower if you charge your EV from your solar PV system or at free charging stations.

Cheaper to maintain

A Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) has fewer moving parts than a conventional petrol/diesel car. Servicing is relatively easy, less frequent and overall cheaper than a petrol/diesel vehicle.